How to Wipe Out Data without Entering into Recovery Mode in Android

We realize that Android is showing signs of improvement step by step since it is giving the best nature of administration and highlights when contrasted with some other portable working frameworks. It is typical that uniqueness matter in any business and that is the reason Google Android is up to and giving most ideal choices approaches to accomplish things.

I have been attempting to evacuate my example lock that I had overlooked and you recognize what, I discovered 3 techniques to remove forgotten pattern lock. Today, I just ran over another issue that how might I clear out information without going into recuperation mode in Android. Along these lines, in this article you will figure out how to industrial facility reset or crash information without going into recuperation method of your gadget. In the event that you are perusing this, at that point you can likewise change your overlooked secret word of your Android gadget utilizing a similar way that I’m utilizing to clear out information.

How to Wipe Out Data without Entering into Recovery Mode in Android

As a matter of first importance, you can’t clear out information on the off chance that you didn’t signed in to your Android gadget with one of your Google accounts yet you can clear out information in the event that you have ever included Google account in your Android cell phone/tablet. You simply need to pursue the means beneath in the event that you wanna clear out information without going into recuperation method of your Android gadget.

Following are the means that should have been taken:

  • Connect your Android device with your PC using USB cord
  • Login to your Google account (Same account which is added on your Android device)
  • Go to Android Device Manager
  • Choose your device from dropdown menu (as shown in screenshot)

Android Device Manager Choose Device

  • Make sure that you choose Media Device (MTP) option from Android screen


  • Just click on Erase icon on the Android device manager screen

In this way, presently you can most likely eradicate or crash all information on your Android cell phone without going to recuperation mode.

Note: Delete alternative of Android gadget director will play out a production line reset on your gadget. Your applications, photographs, music, passwords and settings will be erased. After you eradicate the gadget, Android Gadget Chief will never again work. This reset is changeless. We will most likely be unable to wipe the substance of the SD card in your gadget. In the event that your gadget is disconnected, we will play out the manufacturing plant reset when it goes on the web.

In any case, you have given two additional choices that you can utilize and I discovered them valuable i.e., Ring (that will assist you with finding your telephone in the event that you have overlooked by setting some place and you can utilize Lock alternative to include new secret phrase your cell phone/tablet expelling the bygone one.

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