How to increase Screen Lock Time in Android AtoZ

How to increase Screen Lock Time in Android

Being an Android someone who is addicted, I can recollect that how hard I attempted to build screen lock time in Android. I investigated gatherings, writes however nothing made a difference. I googled Android applications for increment screen lock that yet for the most part were paid once. In any case, the thing is I never investigated settings of Android telephone myself since I believed that settings just accompany Nokia symbion like telephones however I wasn’t right. Clearly screen lock time settings ought to be in presentation settings of cell phone yet I was sufficiently idiotic to comprehend that.

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Be that as it may, Android cell phone are consequently bolted after certain time of latency. To alter the programmed lock, pursue the means below:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Lock Screen
  • Choose Automatically Lock and set the time for touchscreen awaits to lock the phone display after timeout

However, this settings is known as Automatic Lock.

Consequently Lock shows up when a protected screen lock is set and you can set the ideal opportunity for lock from 5 seconds to 30 minutes yet 5 seconds is set as a matter of course.

Top 5 Android Apps for increasing Screen Lock Time

Today, you likewise have 5 Android applications for expanding screen lock time and even pick secret word for it.

Comment below if you are still having problems with increase screen lock time.

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