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Samsung Video Library – Android Video Players App

Samsung Video Library

You can peruse and play video substance.

It likewise gives clear and direct format, when you select Samsung Video Player for playing video cut,

it might gives consistent client experience.

[Major Features]

■ Review

□ Recordings/Envelopes Tab

□ Rundown/Framework View

□ Inquiry

□ Sort by – Title/Time

□ Sort by Request

  • Rising/Slipping

□ Bolster squeeze to zoom

  • Utilizing multi-contact you can expand thumbnails

□ Document Tag (360 video, DRM, Moderate movement and Hyperlapse video)

□ Resume position card

  • It demonstrates the last video you played

■ Overseeing

□ Gives Editorial manager/Erase on video content(You can download Video Proofreader)

□ You can share video content with companions by means of different sharing capacities that gadget underpins

  • Email, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct, YouTube …

□ You can choose and move substance if various organizer exists

□ You can rename a document

□ You may choose video content at that point erase or make it private**

** – ‘Private’ usefulness accessible if the gadget underpins any of the accompanying

: Secure Envelope, Private Mode or KNOX administration.

  • Bolstered gadget : Samsung Cosmic system Arrangement (a few models are not upheld because of equipment reliance)

Regarding the Application Access Privilege

To give quality administration, the application needs underneath application get to benefit.

You can utilize essential capacity of application without assent of Discretionary Application get to benefit.

  • Obligatory Access Benefit

. Capacity: The object is to get to/oversee neighborhood video documents.

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