Anatomyka - Android Medical App

Anatomyka – Android Medical App

Anatomyka – Interactive 3D Human Anatomy

Investigate For nothing: all the application’s highlights and the skeletal framework with depictions, clinical notes, and all subtleties of more than 4500 sections, surfaces, inclusions, birthplaces and foramina.

Find out about joints and muscles by attempting our 5-day free form or buying in.

Using bleeding edge 3D demonstrating, our application enables you to get very close with human life systems in the entirety of its amazing unpredictability. With medicinally exact portrayals going with every organ and anatomical structure, this product is ideal for understudies, experts, or anybody with an easygoing enthusiasm for the human body.

*** ANATOMYKA TOP Highlights ***

ANATOMICAL Tourist spots

Investigate with the expectation of complimentary anatomical more than 4500 milestones (parts, surfaces, foramina, sources, additions) with point by point depictions and characterizations


A distinctive, shading coded 3D map enables clients to see high-goals surfaces joined by enlightening depictions from exhaustive reading material ‘Memorix Life structures’. These are masterminded into an appropriate anatomical order, which means learning is organized and straightforward.


Browse distinctive topics for a superior visual ordeal, including great map book, dim map book, dull space and animation style.


Set your very own shading for organs, structures or frameworks for progressively successful remembering


Make names and stick them to various parts of the body. Names naturally feature the name and shade of the organ and are incredible for making anatomical notices.

– Easy to use interface: Zoom, pivot, scale, colorize, separate, select, stow away, and blur every anatomical structure

– Numerous choice: Select different organs and structures without a moment’s delay

– Draw and include pictures: Modify visuals by illustration or embeddings pictures

– Hunt: Look into terms in the Anatomyka ‘terms library’

– Offer: Offer your fine art without UI

*** Life systems Frameworks ***

Each anatomical framework is joined by point by point data about its structure , including organ data, clinical notes and a general portrayal.


*** Skeletal framework – A Rundown of Tourist spots is stuck straightforwardly to the comparing bones with portrayal, imagined foramina, right sound elocution, and order. You can likewise see them by progression. Intuitive I/O map for each bone.

5-DAY FREE Preliminary

*** Muscles – A Rundown of Inclusions and Birthplaces is stuck specifically to the comparing bones. Muscles are arranged into gatherings and contain a depiction with source, innervation, inclusion and capacity. You can likewise see them by chain of importance.

*** Joints – Rundown of joints containing depiction with sort, shape, articular head and fossa, container, tendons, and developments. You can likewise see them by pecking order.


*** Q1 2019

4.Digestive, 5.Respiratory, 6.Urinary, 7.Reproductive, 8.Skin and faculties, 9.General life systems

*** Q2 2019

10.Circulatory, 11.Lymphatic, 12.Nervous, 13.Endocrine

what’s more, a lot progressively new energizing highlights!

Anatomyka was made for you with affection. Any thoughts, remarks, and useful analysis are very welcome 🙂 Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at


In 2016, a masterfully disapproved of business visionary needed to make a life systems application that would be experimentally exact, intelligent, and outwardly captivating. He began without any preparation and, with the assistance of anatomical reference books, demonstrated each bone, ligament, vein and inner organ – all in staggering 3D! He was later joined by two software engineers and together they made this stunning application.

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