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Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack – Android Arcade Game

Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack

On the off chance that you are a fanatic of room shooting amusements and like to reenact sky fire shooting, so Space shooter: Universe assault diversion is amusement for you. This is an amusement created from great arcade diversion class, old amusement however with another unique situation, progressively distinctive illustrations, increasingly current battle scene, fiercer, increasingly marvelous.

At some point, our delightful cosmic system is enduring an onslaught of the space eliminator and the outsider assault. The outsider intruders beat our squad, they annihilated all of galatica. Furthermore, you are the picked legend. Your central goal is to be the gatekeepers of the cosmic system. Presently, discover the buddy, fabricate space group, direction the spaceship to secure the inception system and the encompassing space rocks.

Space Shooter : Cosmic system Assault diversion puts you at the world ablaze with interminability shooting war. You will be confronted an undeniably expansive number of foes and manage numerous striker supervisors in space war. Are you certain you will survival the slug hellfire ?

As the amusement advances, you will win the directly to update your spaceship to convey it to full deadly limit.


– Astonishing lighting and embellishments

– Incorporates Catalysts and Supervisors!

– Pioneer board worldwide.

– Fortunate circle.

– PVP – internet shooting diversions

The most effective method to PLAY

– Move spaceship

– Slaughter space interlopers

– Redesign space dispatch

– Change your weapons.

The Cosmic system’s future is currently in your grasp. Prepare your weapons for vastness fight in this shooter amusements


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