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Lineage 2: Revolution – Android Role Playing Game

Lineage 2: Revolution

Adventure into an amazing new dreamland with dazzling visuals fueled by the Stunning Motor 4. Experience expansive scale, open-world battle where up to 200 players can fight progressively on a solitary screen! Gathering up with outsiders or frame tribes with companions to vanquish epic strike cells, bring down fearsome manager beasts, or contend with a huge number of different players around the globe in focused fights.

Ancestry 2: Upset is a weighty, new online pretending diversion that brings top-quality visuals, a monstrous open-world, and expansive scale PvP fights to life on cell phones. Players can at long last experience what it genuinely intends to have a lovely, completely included, diligent world MMORPG that can be delighted in close by millions around the globe, all inside the palm of your hands!

The time has now sought new saints to ascend, to start another part ever, and to spare the world from everlasting dimness.

Join the transformation!


▶REAL-TIME Gigantic Fights

Fight different players in exciting continuous, open-field PvP fights or take up arms against an epic scale through focused 50-versus 50 Post Attack matches!


Fueled by the Stunning Motor 4, Genealogy 2: Upheaval pushes the limits of what’s graphically conceivable. Witness at no other time seen illustrations on your cell phone!


Investigate an immense, dazzling, and rich open-world that enables a huge number of players to all the while investigate, find, and prevail.

▶CLANS and Organizations

Gathering up with companions and guildmates, or party up with a large number of different players around the globe to bring down epic supervisors, take part in mass-scale PvP battle, and reveal plunder in epic assault cells.


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“This application expects access to the gadget stockpiling to spare amusement information.

This might be utilized to spare your diversion information.”

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▶ Discretionary access


– Utilized for ‘Voice visit between clients’.

※You can utilize the administration regardless of whether you don’t consent to the entrance right.

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