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DC Legends: Battle for Justice – Android Role Playing Game

DC Legends: Battle for Justice

YOU CAN’T Spare THE WORLD ALONE – Join your most loved Equity Alliance legends and reprobates in epic RPG battle.

Select Equity Association legends like Batman, Superman, The Blaze, Ponder Lady and more in a definitive DC encounter. Join dynamic PvP fights and frame unions to conflict against adversary groups as you battle your way over the universe. Engage your legends with epic super power assaults, enhance their details and overhaul outfit as you gain involvement. The eventual fate of your group is in your grasp – use procedure and mind to overwhelm your adversary, crush adversaries in fights, and spare the fate of the world. Join your most loved Equity Association saints and join the fight today!

Collect Amazing Legends

• Great and Malevolence? Superman and Lex Luthor? Batman and The Joker? Unite impossible partners to construct your program and conflict against opponent groups

• Collect the best group by get-together legends like Harley Quinn, Supergirl and The Glimmer as you battle your way over the world

• Store up power and attest predominance as your list develops in size and quality: set up together the ideal procedure for each circumstance

Lift YOUR Group

• Redo your legends to win fighting against your foes in a conflict for matchless quality in the DC Funnies Universe

• Gain involvement and new capacities as you command rivals in famous areas like Gotham City, City, Themyscira and that’s only the tip of the iceberg

• Overhaul your saints to Unbelievable status giving them detail redesigns and a totally different visual persona

Turn into THE Prevailing Power

• Battle against different players around the globe to exhibit your predominant technique and group building aptitudes and climb the positions

• Partake in day by day and week by week difficulties to win compensates and extend your list

• Conflict against different adversaries in the PvP field to ascend to the highest point of the leaderboard and turn into an ace of the DC Funnies Universe!

What technique will you use to vanquish your enemies and who will battle this war with you? Get ready for a conflict of legends as you play to spare the eventual fate of the cosmic system.

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