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Highway Getaway: Police Chase – Android Racing Game

Highway Getaway: Police Chase

Race to your opportunity. Your hands are on the wheel. Your heart is beating. You are the city’s MOST Needed, got in a perpetual police interest. Are you quick enough to get away from the cops in the direct pursuit of this activity stuffed dashing diversion ?

Distinctive Diversions, makers of the absolute most energizing free activity recreations like Genuine Boxing and Godfire, present to you another hustling amusement like no other! Interstate Escape is a remarkable mix of hustling amusement and interminable sprinter, with the additional activity of a hot police interest.

Put the pedal to the metal!

You’re a runaway driver gotten in a rapid squad car pursue with the city’s quickest squad cars. Start up the nitro, maintain a strategic distance from traffic, and gather money as you race through the city. Driving your escape vehicle in this police pursue amusement is simple with instinctive tap or swipe ongoing interaction.

Appreciate shocking HD illustrations as you race vehicles through downtown boulevards, modern harbors, and tremendous ravines! However, don’t give that a chance to occupy you. Those squad cars are on your back!

More than 200 testing missions!

Never withdraw as you race through 200 adrenaline-siphoning hustling missions. Refuel in a hurry, avoid police bars, and catch the slippery cash truck to trade out Huge! The more needed you turn into, the more money you win – the direct pursuit never stops!

Alter and catalyst your ride!

The most needed merits the most blazing rides. Pick and alter autos from 10 unique models, including expedient games vehicles and ground-breaking trucks. As you level-up and gather money, open custom hopes to tweak your vehicle and drive the most sultry ride out and about! Utilize your money to open lifts and catalysts like nitro to get away from any squad car pursue, or wrenches to rig your race vehicle in a hurry.

Hero or trouble maker?

Is it accurate to say that you are the “hero” type? Or maybe be in the driver’s seat of a cop vehicle? With this new component, you would now be able to be on the correct side of the law. Participate in a direct pursuit as the police – pursue the most needed and convey them to equity!

Turn into the MOST Needed

Interstate Escape’s online leaderboards with Facebook reconciliation let you drive to the best and go up against your companions and worldwide leaderboards. Is it accurate to say that you are the quickest escape driver?

Regardless of whether you’re the great or miscreant, the activity pressed police interests in this free hustling amusement will have your adrenaline siphoning!

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