Cube Matching King Android AtoZ

Cube Matching King – Android Puzzle Game

Cube Matching King

Match 3D squares in a similar shading and fathom the 3D shape confounds.


– 2x2x2 ~ 8x8x8 well known shape bewilder bolstered

– Simple and practical solid shape playing control strategy

– Clients can get familiar with the guidelines of 3D square riddle by essentially playing diversion stages.

– Strong thing (Auto-play) encourages players to comprehend solid shape confuses.

– Different 3D shape skins upheld

– Notice framework indicates invested energy and quantities of moves to illuminate confounds.

– Great mode that assesses player’s dimension bolstered

– 1 on 1 multiplayer mode bolstered

– 16 dialects bolstered

– Leaderboard and Accomplishment bolstered

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