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Android Game (Snowboard Party)

Snowboard Party

Delegated the best snowboarding diversion accessible available, Snowboard Gathering has returned to satisfy all your adrenaline needs in this hotly anticipated continuation. Experience the new time-assault race mode and practice your best traps in 21 extraordinary areas. Jump on your board and enhance your aptitudes to arrive debilitated combos and rack high scores!

Play with your companions utilizing the online multiplayer mode or test riders from everywhere throughout the world utilizing the online leaderboards. Complete more than 150 dimension destinations and accomplishments, gain understanding and overhaul your credits to perform better and accomplish higher scores.

Alter your most loved riders with a choice of more than 80 outfits including elite skins, for example, a zombie, outsider, privateer and some more. Find how to open the new mystery huge head mode. Redesign your board to give you an additional edge over the challenge. Pick from a determination of 50 sheets with exceptional specs that supplement your rider’s capacities.

Top notch

Snowboard Gathering 2 incorporates cutting edge 3D illustrations extraordinarily advanced for your versatile equipment to furnish you with the best snowboarding background.


Achieve the finish of the track as brisk as could be expected under the circumstances. Executing traps will give you additional speed and checkpoints will procure you additional time. Missing banners will deduct focuses from your last score.


Free-form is about the traps! The rider utilizes characteristic and man-made highlights, for example, rails, bounces, boxes, logs, rocks and countless different items to play out the most diseased traps!

Huge AIR

Pull out all the stops or return home! Huge air rivalries are challenges where riders perform traps on huge hops while going down the slant at fast.


Play out a wide scope of traps while going down a portion of the world’s greatest halfpipes. Chain various traps consecutively to acquire focuses and accomplish a superior score.


Test your companions to a snowboard fight and we should see who can arrive the baddest traps! Offer and gloat your outcomes with your companions on Twitter.

Enormous Choice

Select between 16 snowboarders and modify every one of them to your inclination picking your most loved apparatus. A huge accumulation of sheets going from various sizes and structures are accessible enabling you to supplement your rider’s aptitudes and capacities.

Figure out how TO SNOWBOARD

More than 50 interesting traps to ace and several blends. Pursue the instructional exercise to begin and advance as you go. Execute the craziest combos and trap successions to pile on some great high scores, gain understanding and become famous.


Good with most diversion controllers accessible.

Stacked WITH Highlights

•Supports all the most recent age gadgets and improved for high goals shows.

•Online multiplayer mode to play against your companions or different riders on the web.

•New completely adjustable control framework. You can modify everything!

•Learn more than 50 one of a kind traps and make several mixes.

•Massive areas to ride incorporating 21 courses situated in various mainlands.

•Customize your outfit in style!

•Upgrade your board to enhance your rider’s details.

•Play regularly to pick up involvement and overhaul your most loved snowboarder’s traits.

•Share your outcomes with your companions on Twitter.

•Extended soundtrack including melodies from Templeton Pek, Sink The Frozen North, We Straightforward, Phathom, Voice of Compulsion, Pear and Curbside.

•Ability to buy encounter focuses or uncommon things utilizing in-application buys.

•Available in the accompanying dialects: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Chinese

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