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Android Game (Flip Skater)

Flip Skater

Skateboard like the Best!

Pick your board and prepare for an exciting ride on the Halfpipe! Slide down the inclines at fast to achieve ludicrous statures and turn into the best Skateboarder on Earth!

Venture to every part of the globe on the most stunning conditions and leave your Skateboarder print everywhere throughout the World! Do astounding traps – Nose gets, rocket pretense, frontside affectation – Beat the most noteworthy scores and demonstrate your frantic aptitudes to the World!

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Venture to the far corners of the planet!

Venture to the far corners of the planet and pick your most loved area to Skate! From Miami Shoreline to Lake Baikal, go up against the assortment of slopes accessible for you!

Fantastic Sheets!

Pick your most loved board from a tremendous parcel of potential outcomes! Ensure you skate in style! Open redesigns for the sheets to ensure you amplify your score!

Stunning Traps!

Open and Perform crazy trap blends to keep your streak rolling! Beat the most elevated scores by executing the most unsafe traps and achieving frantic statures!


Open and Overhaul a lot of very cool characters! Each character as its own details, ensure you attempt them all! They are sitting tight for you!

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This amusement does not require web association and can be played disconnected.

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