Dinosaur Slayer Android AtoZ

Android Game (Dinosaur Slayer)

Dinosaur Slayer

1. Diversion Presentation

“Dinosaurs Slayer” is a resistance session of guarding the palace from assaulting dinasaurs.

You should overcome the different dinosaurs and incredible Manager with 7 unique weapons and enchantment.

2. Amusement Guidelines

> Working Technique

– Set the course of assault by climbing and down while contacting the screen.

– Attck by squeezing the weapon or enchantment catch.

– The bolts can be shot longer in separation with the more drawn out squeezing of the assault catch.

> Handling of Diversion

– Player can move to the following stage in the wake of crushing every one of the dinosaurs amid the season of each stage.

– The Manager shows up in the particular stages.

> Redesign

– Weapons and enchantment can be learned and redesigned with the gold that is earned amid the procedure of the amusement.

3. Tips

> Gold

– Use for learning or redesigning your weapons or enchantment.

> Sustenance

– After stage clear, it is utilized as support expense for number of men.

– For absence of sustenance, it is substituted with gold however for cases without gold, the men kick the bucket.

– Tanning dead dinasaurs will cause the expansion.

> Mens

– Absolute number of enlisted men.

– Number will step by step increment while overhauling the enchantment and weapons.

> Fight with the Manager

– The incomparable Manager might be harmed while assaulting his shortcoming.

– When the player can’t put harm on the shortcoming of the Supervisor for the settled time, the Manager will assault.

Certain assaults of the dinosaurs and Manager are conceivable of resistance with bolts.

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