Survival Man vs Wild Island Android AtoZ

Android Game (Survival)


Wild survival challenge begins. What Bear Grylls did in “Man versus Wild”, you can do likewise in this content experience diversion!

This is a uninhabited wild. You absence of sustenance and water, need to attempt your best to endure. At long last break from the wild island and come back to the enlightened world. While you remain, you should become familiar with the guidelines of survival, utilize your mettle and knowledge to overcome the nature.

To endure and get away, you need to create camp, investigate wilderness, mountain, ruins, etc regions, exchange with locals, battle against monsters and barbarians, dive deep into otherworldly relics, settle baffles…

As your investigation goes further, you get an ever increasing number of strange emotions about this wild. Supernatural remains, legend got notification from natives, mysterious puzzles, every one of these things influence you to trust it isn’t only a basic wild. This isn’t the latest day for earth, yet perhaps the most recent day for you, be cautious!

Wild! Survival! Investigation! Riddles! All in “Survival: Man Versus Nature”.

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