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Android Game (Scanner REDACTED)


Scanner [REDACTED] changes this present reality into the scene for a worldwide round of puzzle, interest, and rivalry.

Our future is in question. You should pick a side.

A secretive vitality has been uncovered by a group of researchers in Europe. The inception and reason for this power is obscure, however a few analysts trust it is impacting the manner in which we think. We should control it or it will control us.

“The Edified” try to grasp the power that this vitality may give to us. “The Opposition” battle to guard, and ensure what’s left of our humankind.

Introduce Scanner [REDACTED] and change your reality.

The World is the Amusement

Travel through this present reality utilizing your Android gadget and the Scanner [REDACTED] application to find and tap wellsprings of this puzzling vitality. Secure articles to help in your mission, convey tech to catch an area, and partner with different players to propel the reason for the Illuminated or the Obstruction.


The battle is being played out all around. Track the advancement of players around the globe, plan your following stages, and speak with others utilizing an Insight delineate.

What is the Niantic Undertaking?

Is this only an amusement? An Examination Board ( loaded up with mysterious hints and mystery codes is standing by. The story develops regular. Amazing privileged insights and diversion tech are there to be opened.

Shape Collusions

The battle to spare the planet traverses the whole world. Gatherings of individuals acting together can be more viable than people acting alone. Collaboration crosswise over neighborhoods, urban areas, and nations will be expected to accomplish a definitive triumph.

Note: Scanner [REDACTED] utilizes the “Read_Contacts” application authorization to make it simpler to welcome your companions to go along with you in your main goal to spare the world. The application won’t contact anybody without your express activity to enroll a specific companion.

Operators must be more than 13 years of age (for occupants outside of the European Financial Territory); or more than 16 years of age or such age expected to agree to the handling of individual information in the Specialist’s nation of living arrangement (for inhabitants of the European Monetary Region). Sadly, no youngsters may play Scanner [REDACTED].

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