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I Am Innocent

I Am Blameless is a unique criminologist diversion with riddle components. Utilize reasonable in-diversion telephone calls, an ambassador, PC hacking, photos, and archives to explore a progression of homicides with adolescent unfortunate casualties. The killings are by one way or another associated with the vanishing of your sister numerous years back.

The diversion’s numerous characters, with their mind boggling identities and dearly held secrets, in addition to its moral situations and passionate scenes make a sensible environment and weave an included, baffling story that’ll keep you engaged to the plain end.

Fundamental highlights:

– Research a confused sequential executioner case.

– Reasonable telephone calls, photographs, records, and PC hacking.

– Impart effortlessly without expecting to manage enormous passages of content.

– Your answers influence your associations with the characters.

– Different consummation choices, contingent upon your decisions and your connections.

– Numerous long stretches of interactivity.

This amusement is totally free yet may incorporate some discretionary in-application buys that make it less demanding to wrap up.

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