Android App (Ravioli Paint 2)

Android App (Ravioli Paint 2)

Ravioli Paint 2

Minor Portray Is A Depiction Application Devoted To Monochrome.

◆ Perfect For Such Employments

– Record Thoughts In Outline.

– Draw As You Wish In a hurry.

– Put A Line With A Pen In The Harsh Portray.

◆ Suggested Original copy Measure

– I Need to portray daintily. → 1000 to 2000 px is prescribed.

→ 2000 ~ 5000px is prescribed.

(The width of the original copy is gathered together to a numerous of 8)

Principle capacities

– Pen instrument Comparing to pen weight (contingent upon model)

– Shut zone fill device

Up to 10 fix

– Set layer shading –

6 sorts of tone device

– Duplicate instrument

* Please Know about The Accompanying Focuses For Vast Unique Size

– . This Application Does Not Confine The Extent Of Unique And The Quantity Of Layers

Hence, When Making An Especially Extensive Canvas Or Including A Substantial Number Of Layers, The Application May Be Persuasively Ended .

Occasional Capacity Is Suggested.

* If The Fare Keeps on falling flat

– . You May Have Neglected To Anchor Memory Region In the wake of Erasing The Altering History, If it’s not too much trouble Attempt With A Little Yield Measure.

* For High Goals Gadgets Clients

– If The Gadget Goals Is High , you may feel stuck in task. By bringing down the screen goals from the application settings, you can accelerate the illustration procedure.

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