Android Game (Alto’s Odyssey)

Alto’s Odyssey

Just into the great beyond sits a superb desert, tremendous and unexplored.

Join Alto and his companions and set off on an interminable sand boarding voyage to find its privileged insights.

Take off above desolate hills, cross exciting gulches, and investigate long-shrouded sanctuaries in a fantastical place a long way from home.

En route, you’ll pound crosswise over vines, ricochet on tourist balloons, ride transcending rock dividers, and departure underhanded lemurs – all while revealing the desert’s numerous puzzles.


• An independent affair. Alto’s Odyssey is the follow-up to the widely praised Alto’s Experience, yet you don’t need played one to appreciate the other.

• Simple to learn, hard to ace. At the core of the Alto arrangement is an exquisite one-contact trap framework. Chain together combos, and finish 180 objectives — all with natural controls.

• Investigate Bio mes. From the hills, to the gullies, to the sanctuaries, investigate a rich and assorted scene, with every zone flaunting special visuals and interactivity.

• Recently discovered statures. Find privileged insights in the sky with sight-seeing balloons, moving toil rails, and divider riding.

• Ace the components. Notwithstanding unique lighting and climate impacts like dust storms and falling stars, the desert is home to twirling wind vortexes and hurrying water.

• Meet Alto and companions. Open six special characters, each with their own qualities and capacities.

• Zen Mode. Finish with its own quiet soundtrack, this loosening up mode distills Odyssey down to its most flawless components: no scores, no coins, and no catalysts. Just you and the perpetual desert.

• Photograph Mode. From the respite screen, get behind the focal point and take shocking photographs of your outing through the desert. Squeeze, swipe, skillet and zoom to outline the perfect shot, and offer them with loved ones.

• Unique music and carefully assembled sound. Earphones suggested!

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