Android App (Infinite Painter)

Infinite Painter

We are not Sketchbook.

We are not Photoshop.

We are not Reproduce.

We are Unending Painter.

Predominant brushes – The most developed painting motor on tablets

• 80+ characteristic brush presets

• Make new brushes

• Change brush settings easily

• Brushes associate reasonably with paper surfaces

Unrivaled devices – A place for everything

• Try different things with four kinds of symmetry

• Layers and Photoshop mix modes

• Make clean lines with aides: Line, Circle, Pen, Sluggish, and Protractor

• Draw 3D cityscapes with five alternate point of view guides

• Choice and cutting covers

Predominant interface – Everything in its place

• It’s basic. It’s sorted out. It’s off the beaten path.

• Sorted out work processes:

Paint – Portray, Paint, and Mix

Clone – Transform a photograph into a work of art

Alter – Change shading, Liquify, Example, Harvest, or include a channel

• Move your most loved apparatuses to the best bar for faster access

Propelled highlights

• Change different layers all the while

• Change device: Interpret, Scale, Turn, Flip, Misshape, and Skew

• Make consistent examples with the Example device

• Liquify apparatus: Move, Swell, Squeeze, Twirl, or Swell

• Angle and Example Fill

• Reference pictures

• Pivot and flip the canvas

Import and fare

• Import and fare PSD layers

• Include pictures from Display, Camera, or hunt the web

• Fare pictures as JPEG, PNG, PSD, or ZIP

• Offer to Boundless Painter people group, PEN.UP, or Instagram

• Pursuit a large number of hues, palettes, and examples by means of ColourLovers

Work of art given by:

Constantine Rotkevich

Piotr Kann

Diane Kay





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