Top Android App (Reigns: Her Majesty)

Reigns: Her Majesty

Rules was a standout amongst other diversions of 2016 and really won the first since forever Google Play Indie Games challenge. So obviously we were siphoned to look at the spin-off.

In Reigns, you play as the ruler of the land and settle on choices that influence four parts of the kingdom: the congregation, the general population, the military, and the regal riches. You will probably keep every one of the four in equalization — if any meter fills to the maximum or is altogether drained your rule is finished… and another rule starts!

The spin-off plays about indistinguishably to the main diversion, aside from this time you play as the Queen rather than the King, finish with new characters to associate with and various spreading storylines to find. The interactivity is as simple as swiping left or appropriate on cards and if it’s in any way similar to the primary amusement there’s a huge amount of incredible easter eggs to discover en route!

I would prefer not to ruin anything for this new amusement, yet in the event that you played the first and are anxious about the possibility that that it will be excessively comparative, I can guarantee you there are a lot of new mechanics to make this a standout amongst other titles of 2017.


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