Top Android Game (Threes!)


In the main portion of 2014, a free glimmer diversion on the web transformed into a viral rage. It was called 2048 and consider this: It was a clone of a considerably more keen amusement discharged multi month sooner called Threes!

The preface of Threes! is entirely basic: Pair coordinating numbers, beginning with threes. Your base units are twos, which you can push together to make a three. From that point, you need to put coordinating numbers alongside one another, at that point push them together to make a solitary, multiplied number.

The thought is to get the number increasingly elevated, until the point when you hit the most astounding number feasible in the diversion – 6144 – on a 4-by-4 network. It appears to be basic, yet the interactivity has been cautiously adjusted to give a test and movement, catching that tricky “… only one more go” feeling


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