Yop AndroidnGame (Monument Valley)

Monument Valley

Escher-enlivened riddle diversion Monument Valley is a weird, stunning, profoundly remunerating rabbit gap of an affair. You control the small Princess Ida on a puzzling mission in a place called Monument Valley, made up of non-Euclidean structures populated by antagonistic dark winged creatures. The idea of her central goal is a piece of the breathtaking disclosure encounter incorporated with the diversion as you manage Ida around the landmarks, bending and sliding to move viewpoints so as to advance through the dimensions.

What makes it so breathtaking is that so much consideration has been put into each and every part of the diversion to make it an awesome ordeal for players. From the workmanship and music, to the straightforward control framework, to the story, to the ongoing interaction, it delicately directs you to consider space and geometry in new and intriguing ways.


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